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This application SIMULATES a cooking plate heating up and has a simple egg timer function. Have fun and impress your friends with your fictitious cookeries.

New in version 2.0: EGG TIMER

Now you can use the app as an egg timer and store up to 5 favorite timers. The plate switches off automatically when the timer runs out and you will get a beep signal.




  • I. The plate will not actually heat up, it's just a SIMULATION and does nothing, so it will not drain the battery of your mobile device much more than other fun apps.
  • II. The application is not suitable to heat or reheat food or other materials.
  • III. The application is not suitable for children under twelve: A child may mistake the hazards of real cooking facilities after playing with the cooking plate app.
  • IV. If you want to put any cookware on your device, be careful to leave no scratches on the display. Prepare your cookware with felt, cardboard or other protection measures to avoid damage of the display. Any use with cooking or other gear is at your own risk.
  • V. Do not use hot or heavy cookware or kitchen cleaners on your display - just follow the cleaning instuctions of your mobile device's user manual.

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